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Automatic Volume Discounts

You’ll automatically receive discounts of up to 40% off our starting prices, based on the volume of work we render for you.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We are a Company based business, our data centre is in German, and the employees are working remotely from various locations in EGYPT.

Check out our customer service in the home site, we also recommend going through our video to know all steps to render 

We’re flexible and work in a way that suits you, but our preferred option is or email to Please don;t forget to provide some brief details of software and versions.



We’ll answer straight away during business hours, or first thing the following morning.

We need all the files that are used in the scene: textures, proxies, xrefs, lights, GI etc. However, you don’t need worry about any of that because our plugin will collect all the data from your scene

You can pay using vodafone cash – Al Ahly phone cash – transfer to Bank Masr . If none of those are possible for you, we can accept bank Western Union payments as an alternative payment method.


Based on the size of your project, we’ll automatically apply a discount to the cost, as shown below.
1 %

Project > 3000 L.E

1 %

Project > 8000 L.E

1 %

Project > 25000 L.E

1 %

Project > 45000 L.E


Minimum Charges


- All projects still image (single shot ) shot start from 40 L.E

- All projects animation shots the render minute ( 1500 F ) start from 1400 L.E

*(note) you will pay only the cost for render
example - If you want to render 20 second you only pay the cost 20sec